Our research has found that thousands of schools across England are segregated along ethnic and income lines. The report Understanding School Segregation in England: 2011 to 2016 (PDF), was produced with the iCoCo Foundation and SchoolDash, and covers all of England’s more than 20,000 registered state schools.

The study looks at whether a school is segregated by comparing the proportion of children who have free school meals or are from different ethnic backgrounds with those of the 10 schools closest to it.

The main findings include:

  • More than a quarter of primary schools and four in ten secondary schools are segregated by ethnic background.
  • Almost a third of primary schools and more than a quarter of secondary schools are segregated by income, based on the number of children on free school meals.
  • More than 64% of schools rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted have children from a mix of backgrounds.

Download our report here.

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